Ustica Holiday Packages

Ustica Holiday Packages

Hotels, Day trips, Boat Excursions, Guided Tours to Ustica

Ustica, easily reachable from Palermo, has a unique elliptical shape, rugged and steep coastline which melt in a natural habitat like no other: the island, in fact, is entirely a Marine Reserve.

Ustica holiday packages

Why choosing Ustica

01. Nature


The island is interesting both for the famous Marine Reserve, a paradise of diving and for its bays and caves: Cala St. Maria, Grotta dell’Acqua, also known as Blue Cave for its beautiful shades, Grotta delle Colonne and many others.

02. Food & Wine


Thanks to the mild climate and fertile plains, Ustica has many native crops that offer delicious productions included in the Slow Food Presidia such as lentils, eggplants, grapes and wheat. Last but not least, the excellent variety of fish products.

03. Activities


With any activities, by land or by the sea, this island will offer breathtaking views and details that will remain etched in your memory.

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