Sicily Tours for Groups

Tailor Made Tours for Groups are created according to tastes, desires and expectations of travellers.
Our thirty years of experience allow us to organize tailor made tours, following the interests and demands of travellers, recommending the best restaurants and hotels, transfers and certified guides, who will accompany you through the wonders of our island.
The journey is the discovery and the encounter with near and far cultures and traditions; with our travel packages travellers will join them with their own life experience.
Dimensione Sicilia creates custom – made tours for groups, creating special itineraries in Sicily.

Sicily Tours for Groups

Here are some of the guided tour for groups, starting from 15 people. Classic tour of Sicily which will take you in the most popular Sicilian cities, with a delicious food and wine route, to taste our traditional cookery. And more… the Short Tour of Western and Eastern Sicily, to find out the historical and artistic peculiarities of the two areas of the island. Finally the Short Tour for Students, an interesting journey that will fully capture the curiosity of students.
Choose the tour and Dimensione Sicilia will create it according your needs.
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sicily custom made tours for groups

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Themed Tours for Groups

Our Themed Tours proposals

Check out some of our themed tours for groups.

The charm of Sicilian ancient villages

The charm of Sicilian ancient villages 8 days and 7 nights dedicated to discover the charming ancient villages of Sicily.
From Gangi, renowned as the most beautiful village in Italy in 2014, to Palermo, the capital of Sicily, featuring a particular Norman – Arab charm. The tour continues to the Val di Noto, an example of Sicilian Baroque and Unesco world heritage site. The tour also touches the East Coast, visiting Catania and Syracuse, and the central Sicily with Piazza Armerina and its famous and colourful Roman mosaics.
A week full of history, art and culture, also passes through the typical Sicilian tastes.

Sicilian Folklore tour - between faith and mystery

Sicilian Folklore tourClose your eyes and imagine that you’ve just arrived in Sicily, getting excited not only about its beauties, but also for the evocative rites of the Feast of St. Agatha, one of the most important religious festivals worldwide.
In addition to the visiting of Etna and Catania, you will be part of the Feast, which focuses on a long procession of St Agatha’s bust through the city, followed by the Candelore, majestic Baroque golden and wood structures. Devotees, all dressed with white tunics, are bound to worship, showing their true devotion.

Trekking Tour of Sicily

Trekking Tour of Sicily Trekking tour of Sicily is the best way to find out the natural wonders of this stunning island.
The long walks reveal not only typical Mediterranean landscapes but also charming alleys, historic buildings and spectacular views.
Travellers have always been charmed by the medieval allure of Erice, the sea of Favignana, the glow of Saline in Marsala and by the beautiful Egadi Islands.

The Inspector Tour

The Inspector TourAndrea Camilleri’s novels, “Inspector Montalbano”, describe the hidden charm of the territory among the hill of Girgenti, Sciacca, Menfi and Porto Empedocle.
Moving from novels to work of fiction, the tour takes you to the places of a more opulent Sicily, baroque, and certainly more “cinematographic”, such as Ragusa, Punta Secca Modica – and Marzamemi.
These locations have charmed millions of viewers worldwide.

Tour of Castles in Sicily

Mussomeli CastleSicily still testifies noble and aristocratic lineages with its beautiful castles.
From Taormina to Syracuse with the Castello Eurialo and Catania, home of the Frederick II’s reign. Piazza Armerina, with the Castello Aragonese and Mussomeli (CL), the seat of the noble house of Manfredi III. From Agrigento to Salemi, known for its Castle, and then Erice, famous for the Norman Castle. Travellers will also visit the beautiful Palermo and Cefalu, which testify the aristocratic past of our island. 8 days / 7 nights for a tour full of suggestions.

Sanctuaries in Sicily

Basilica OrtigiaOur region is known for its strong religious devotion, especially during the rites and witnessed by the wonderful Sanctuaries which characterize many areas of Sicily. From the Cathedral in Catania, home of Sant’Agata, through the Cathedral in Syracuse, built on the ancient Temple of Athena, passing through small Sanctuary of Valverde, constructed in 1100. After a brief visit to the Temples in Agrigento, the 8-day tour offers a visit to the opulent churches in Palermo and the Monreale Cathedral, known as the eighth Wonder of the World.

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