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Our guides are real specialists, both for their skills and passion for this region. They are intense communicators ready to give life to history, archaeological sites and the essences of Sicily: in a busy week, they will succeed to make your tour in Sicily an unforgettable experience.

Dr. Enzo Inferrera

Dr. Enzo InferreraAfter a short experience in corporate marketing in Florence, Enzo decided to get his BA in Pedagogy at the University of Catania, his hometown.
20 years ago he had his first opportunity to start his career in tourism, joining his personal interest for history and art to his communication skills. One of his favorite hobbies is travelling abroad, that’s why he knows which are people’s expectations during a guided tour. As a guide he decided to be a real specialist, bringing travellers around Sicily. Sicilian history has no secrets for him, and with him you will discover the “Sicilian Secrets”.

Dr. Antonella Inferrera

Dr. Antonella InferreraAntonella has always known how rich Sicily is in culture and monuments and, after many study and job experiences in Italy, she decided to come back, working as guide and tour leader, doing every day what she really loves: to bring worldwide travellers through Sicily. She says: “This is the best way to show our guests the love for my island”. With a BA in political science got at the University of Catania, she has freely chosen to work as tour leader, without leaving her job as pet therapy volunteer for disabled people.

Dr. Ivan Nicosia

Dr. Ivan NicosiaWith a BA in Modern Literature and a specialization in history and art, Ivan wanted to improve his knowledge about cultural heritage by attending tour operators course offered by the University of Catania. This allowed him to get the theoretical basis to the experience already gained in tourism. He has also increased his wine and food knowledge thanks to cooking classes. For several years, he has been working as a tour guide and tour leader, with a special focus for those travellers who want to discover the true soul of Sicily, its history and its vestiges through archaeological sites. Expert photographer, deep lover of music and cinema, Ivan will surprise you with his versatility.

Dr. Corrado Arato

Dr. Corrado AratoCorrado Arato lives and works in Noto, the main Baroque city of Sicily. After the graduation in political science, he turned his passion into job, getting the Tourist guide license in 2005.
“I love to bring travellers among the beauties of Sicily, out of its common routes, above all in the Val di Noto, which has been part of Unesco Heritage since 2002. During my job, I create a unique and inviting atmosphere, showing the visible and invisible facets of the cities. Sicily is a perfect place for travellers and I try to make them fall in love with its history, art, unique locations and colourful landscapes. Here, in front of the African sea, European history was made and every unusual glimpse is a magic! Only in Sicily, walking through its country, after a bend, tourists can run into a town, which can be surprisingly charming.”

Dario Vaghi

Dario VaghiDario Vaghi is a trekker for passion first, after for work! Naturalistic guide, expert about Mount Etna Volcano and volunteer for mountain rescue team, since the childhood he spent his time in the Etna forest. The love for his land brought him to leave the family business and become a guide, sharing knowledge and places with nature lovers. Our Dario is a wild spirit, lover of dialogue and adventure and he will amaze you looking at breath-taking panoramas!

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