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The largest island of the Sicilian archipelago immediately reveals its volcanic nature, culminating in some small craters closely resembling the landscape of Etna.
The whole island is strewn with dammusi, white houses of lime, characterized by the unusual cubic form, which create impressive views contrast with the beautiful blue sea.

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Why choosing Pantelleria

01. Nature


The rugged and steep coastline, the deep cove of the Bue Marino, the Bagno dell’Acqua, a very peculiar lake inside a crater. And more the “favare” or jets of vapor, the dry baths which are natural caves with emanation of vapor.

02. Food & Wine


A typical dinner in the island provides countless dishes prepared with local seafood and the famous salads of Pantelleria. Finally ricotta sweets and the unmissable Moscato di Pantelleria, made from the famous local grape.

03. Activities


Whether you choose an excursion on boat or scooter, you will discover the many wonders of Pantelleria, its natural jewels and several historical exemplares: from the early Neolithic artifacts to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Arabs ruins.

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