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Incentive Travels, Conferences and Meetings in Sicily

Dimensione Sicilia DMC organizes the business event for your company: incentive travels, conferences and meetings in Sicily. We make your ideas come true. Nothing is impossible to us!

Our wonderful island is a natural stage for a superior experience: not only meetings and conferences, but complete business events, for companies who want to strengthen relations between their employees, motivating them to achieve new goals or rewarding them for their successes.
Dimensione Sicilia DMC meets these needs, planning the incentive travel in Sicily, a wonderful and exciting place, the right location for your business event.
The most beautiful Mediterranean island has a rich history, natural heritage and a strong cultural identity.

Thanks to its thirty-year experience, Dimensione Sicilia DMC customizes business experiences, providing a large portfolio of ideas and a deep know-how; our company has always planned the event with customers, following the organization and the operating part, proposing the best locations and all the most adequate solutions.
As soon as your employees arrive in Sicily for their incentive travel, they will enjoy all the stunning aspects of this beautiful island: culture, landscapes, entertainment, folklore and wine-and-food.

Why choose Sicily?

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean sea, is unique for its natural treasures, views of rare beauty and friendly approach of people.
It is the ideal setting for your events, thanks to Baroque routes, magnificent Greek temples, Roman theatres with breathtaking view, and Mount Etna the highest active volcano in Europe.
This magnificent land releases a natural energy, unmistakable scents and flavours, and your team, surrounded by beautiful sea and explosive volcanoes, will live an unforgettable experience!
Sicily will surprise you!

Incentive Travels & Meetings

Dimensione Sicilia DMC organizes the business event for your company: incentive travel, conferences and meetings in Sicily.

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Accomodations & Locations

Dimensione Sicilia DMC plans and organizes incentive travels and corporate events, suggesting the greatest locations and best trasport in Sicily.

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Team Building & Entertainment


Team Building
Food & Wine

Interesting projects and enjoyable activities will improve your team building events. Dimensione Sicilia DMC offers many opportunities: sports and entertainment activities.

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