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The Aeolian Islands, as known as the “seven pearls of Sicily”, form an archipelago on the North-East coast of Sicily, creating a natural and unique setting.
The landscape in Vulcano is really impressive, thanks to the still active volcanic formations: the black-sand beaches, the imposing Great Crater of Fossa, the acrid smell of sulfur and the wonderful pool of Venus.
Lipari reveals jewels of rare beauty: the pumice quarries, the geothermal pools and the Faraglioni standing out on a clear blue sea.
And yet Salina, with lovely little churches adorned with colorful tiles, the smell of the typical “pane cunzatu”, the sweet Malvasia and the town of Pollara, made famous by the Oscar-winning movie “Il Postino”.
Stromboli and Strombolicchio reveal the wildest part of the archipelago, with the spectacle of the Sciara del Fuoco, lava rivers that plunge into the Tyrrhenian Sea, while Alicudi and Filicudi offer unspoiled views. Finally the small fashionable island of Panarea.

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Why choosing the Aeolian Islands

01. Nature

nature stromboli volcano

The volcanic origin, the uncontaminated areas, the Faraglioni and the native flora and fauna characterize their natural landscape, making it among the most visited in the world.

02. Food & Wine

foon & wine spaghetti-all-eoliana

To fully appreciate the wine and food tradition, do not miss the capers of Salina, Malvasia tastings, the Aeolian “pane cunzatu”, and the local fish, used for many delicious recipes.

03. Activities

Aeolian Islands in cabin charter

It’s impossible not to dive into the cobalt blue waters of the Aeolian Islands during a boat ride in the hidden bays of the archipelago or with deluxe cabin charter.

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